PROSOFT TECH careers are fascinating, challenging and well rewarded. You will be working with clients from some of the world's biggest companies and some of the very best professionals too, whom you will be mixing with and learning.

You have to be talented to work at PROSOFT TECH, we'll help you get even better - we believe our learning and development program is the best there is, and we will help you as your career progresses or you experience new opportunities

We have no employees; they are all extended family members. Secondly, we dont create jobs but careers. We as a team never chase money, we chase name. These are few basic principles we are governed with on daily basis.

If you think you have it in you and want to join the most dynamic team, send us your resume at careers(@)

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Oracle Development 4+
.NET/ASP.NET/C#.NET Developers
SQL Server 2005/2000
Oracle (at least 8.0), Access.

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