PROSOFT TECH Consulting specializes in providing our clients with high-quality IT staffing at the lowest rate the market will bear. With a focus on Java ,.Net and ERP services, we serve companies worldwide, including more than 20 Fortune 1000 and Global 500 firms. Your IT staffing needs are quickly satisfied with consultants who keep pace with emerging technologies, delivering expertise in technology platforms, software development, QA, databases, and networking.

PROSOFT TECH consistently ranks in the top suppliers at our major customers. Our delivery model and recruiting technology are the main reasons for our success, and your relationship with PROSOFT TECH is further differentiated by our:
Dedicated account team structure.
Excellence in technology recruiting.
Established systems and processes.
Onsite, offsite, and offshore staffing.

When you work with PROSOFT TECH, you'll have a dedicated team of individuals working on your account. Your PROSOFT TECH team will understand the kind of resources you need for each project, and will deliver the right people in a timely manner. We'll recruit under the most advantageous terms for your organization.


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Recent Job Openings

Oracle Development 4+
.NET/ASP.NET/C#.NET Developers
SQL Server 2005/2000
Oracle (at least 8.0), Access.


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